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Pain Management in Sarasota, FL

At The Osprey PolyClinic in Osprey, Sarasota County, FL, we provide pain management services to help you get the relief you need. Turn to our pain management doctors in Southwest Florida for the comprehensive care you deserve.

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Trusted Pain Management Doctors in Sarasota, Florida

Dealing with daily pain impacts your quality of life. At our clinic, we offer the highest level of pain management in Osprey, Sarasota County, FL. Our team of experts is made up of doctors with years of experience and the kind of training you can trust. At The Osprey PolyClinic, we offer advanced pain management treatments to get to the underlying cause of your pain so you can get lasting relief.

The Osprey PolyClinic Approach to Pain Management

  • Comprehensive Care: We can diagnose and create a treatment plan all in our office, providing convenient treatment
  • Patient-Focused Care: Our team of pain management Sarasota, FL, experts is here to offer the procedures you need to start healing
  • Functional Restoration: We strive to help patients regain function and mobility
  • Evidence-Based Practices: We rely only on the best pain management treatment options, providing results for our patients
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Stop battling with pain. Turn to The Osprey PolyClinic in Sarasota, FL, for a free consultation.

Conditions We Diagnose and Treat

Pain can be a result of many things, from injuries to diseases. At our practice, we focus on addressing the underlying cause of the pain as well as dealing with symptoms so that you can regain your health and improve your quality of life. With physical therapy, pain medicine, and other strategies, it's possible to get control of the pain you feel.

We can help with many conditions, but some of the most common ones our physicians address include:

  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Shoulder pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Herniated disc
  • Migraine
  • Foot pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Workman's compensation injuries
  • Arm pain
  • Leg pain
  • Headaches

Our Pain Management Services and Procedures

A pain management doctor in Sarasota, FL, will always tailor the treatment plan to the individual, addressing the unique circumstances that surround the problem. At The Osprey PolyClinic, our pain management team utilizes many services. Our non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Hot and Cold Packs: Applying hot and cold compresses to the treatment site helps with eliminating pain, so it is one option we combine with others
  • Physical Therapy: By providing customized exercises to suit your needs, we can help you improve mobility, strength, and flexibility while reducing chronic pain
  • Hydrotherapy: This therapy uses water for pain management as well as to promote relaxation and improve function
  • Massage: The manual manipulation of soft tissues is another treatment our patients can benefit from when looking to get relief from chronic pain and offers an improvement in circulation while relieving muscle tension
  • Exercise Programs: We offer tailored programs to help you gain strength, manage pain, and improve overall health
  • Relaxation Techniques: Learning deep breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery can help manage chronic pain
  • Medication Treatments: We also provide pain medicine that, when combined with other treatments, offers lasting relief

The exact treatment plan will depend on your unique needs. Your doctor will make the right recommendation after a thorough examination.

Meet Our Pain Management Specialists

  • Dr. Tamara Gurevich

    Neurology / Pain Management

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Professionals

    Our pain management doctors are some of the most experienced in the Sarasota, FL area.

  • Individualized Treatments

    At our center, you will always receive treatments tailored to your needs.

  • Compassionate and Comprehensive Care

    From diagnosis to treatment and ongoing care, we offer the right options for our patients.

  • Accessible Treatment

    Our doctors and staff are multilingual, helping returning and new patients feel at ease.

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  • What Is Pain Management?

    Pain management refers to the medical field that focuses on diagnosing, assessing, and treating the causes of pain. In people who have chronic pain, the focus is on helping patients feel less pain.

  • What Are Common Types of Pain Management?

    The most common types of pain management include the use of physical therapies, interventional procedures, lifestyle modifications, and medicine. Your doctor will work with you to put together the best treatment plan by considering your diagnosis, overall health, and more.

  • What Should I Expect During a Pain Management Consultation?

    During your pain management consultation with a physician at our clinic, you can expect to go through your medical history with the doctor. You will receive a physical examination, and you'll answer some questions about the symptoms you experience and the level of pain you're dealing with. This will help your Sarasota pain doctor plan the treatments you need.

  • Are Pain Management Treatments Invasive or Non-Invasive?

    The treatment of pain can be invasive or non-invasive, depending on what your physician thinks is the best option for your body. Invasive options can be injections of pain blockers, while non-invasive treatments can include physical therapies, relaxation therapies, medication, and more.

  • How Long Does It Take to See Results From Pain Management Treatments?

    The underlying cause of the pain, as well as your overall health, can all impact how long it takes to see results. Your doctor will give you an approximate timeline, but you have to give your body the time it needs, especially if you're getting treatments that require long-term applications, like physical therapies.

  • Can Pain Management Be Combined With Other Treatments or Therapies?

    Yes, pain management strategies work well when combined with a variety of treatment options. A multidisciplinary approach usually offers the best results for people experiencing acute or chronic pain. Pain management often involves working with a variety of experts and different therapies to achieve the best outcome.